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Thank you
Posted by Jeremiah
October 23, 2022
I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me.  This has been the worst year of my life without question, but you certainly helped me come out of this with my life intact.  There really are no words I can come up with to express my gratitude.  If there is anything I can do for you in the future, I would be more than happy to help.  I will inform my work association how outstanding a job you did.  Highly likely you will have more of us coming your way now.
We appreciate your professionalism
Posted by Penney
October 12, 2021
Thank you so much for the help you have given my brother.  We both appreciate and value your friendship.
What an epic journey!
Posted by Emmett
April 16, 2020
I cannot thank you enough for your patience. As time has gone by I have been able to get on my feet, both financially and emotionally.  Life is good (Outside of Covid) and I want you to know that I feel you are largely responsible for getting me started on that journey.  For that, I will be forever in your debt.  Divorce is a gut wrenching experience that can destroy one's self esteem.  Your representation and friendship made me feel like maybe, just maybe, I wasn't quite the defective that would have had me believe.  Understand that the way you do your jog has a direct impact on people's lives.  Thank you for everything.
Posted by Frank
June 8, 2016
I hired Dawn because my ex-wife took me back to court long after our divorce was final.  Dawn did an excellent job preparing for court and was a true professional in the courtroom.  She took a personal interest in my case and I truly believe that she was deeply concerned about me and the case before us.  Dawn defeated every aspect that my ex was after.  I was in court months later to get full custody of my son.  Once again Dawn took a very personal interest in my son and again she won.  I am very thankful for Dawn and the friendship we have forged and I highly recommend her.
Best Lawyer in Las Vegas
Posted by Steven
November 13, 2015
HANDS DOWN the best lawyer in Las Vegas!!! Mrs. Lozano has a very professional, polite, and hard working staff. This firm has handled all my cases with perfection. They handle each case with a well thought out process and approach making you feel like your family with a army in front of you. Do yourself a favor and HIRE this establishment if you don't want to feel like cattle waiting to get slaughtered.
LOVE the Honesty
Posted by Gillian
July 28, 2015
I was petrified when I came to my first meeting with Dawn Lozano. The consultation. I never thought of the consultation being with the actual attorney that would be helping me, but here, it was. Dawn was warm and accommodating in the office and her staff made me feel very welcome. Dawn and her office have been in touch with me every step of the way, since that very first meeting. When it came time to go to court, I was blown away. Never would i have thought that this awesome, honest, tell it like it is, big hearted attorney would be such a PISTOL in the courtroom! I am so grateful that I was able to find someone who would stand up for me like she would want someone to stand up for her. Thank you very much Dawn for all that you did. Your services were top notch. And, if, God forbid I should ever need to hire an attorney again, it will be you.
Hands Down the Best Attorney in Las Vegas
Posted by Debra
July 22, 2015
Dawn helped me thru a very difficult situation. If you want a lawyer who will leave no stone unturned and meticulously attends to every detail , this lawyer is for you. Her office is always open and you can always get a-hold of someone. She is not afraid to fight on your behalf and it didn't hurt she knows everyone in the justice system and they all love her too! I had not heard of her before a retained her because she doesn't need a commercial or publicity to garner attention. Her reputation and performance speak for themselves. I would NEVER want another lawyer besides Ms Lozano.
Great Attorney for Child Custody Issues

Posted by a client
July 12, 2015

I first met Ms. Dawn Lozano and her staff in early 2006 after I interviewed several local attorneys. I chose Dawn and her staff because the other attornies were more interested in slinging mud and telling me what I wanted to hear instead of dealing with the facts and telling me the truth even if it was what I did not want to hear. My x filed for divorce, sole custody, child support and wanted to relocate back to her home state with our 2 1/2 y/o son. Our case took over a year because my x filed a motion for just about anything she and her attorney could throw at us. Dawn stayed by my son and my side as the Judge awarded me with 50/50 no child support. Since this ruling my x has hired five different attorneys and has even appealed this case to the Nevada Supreme Court. We have won every single motion or had my x's motions dismissed. Dawn has constantly stayed by my side even when I was a pain for a client. Dawn truly cares about the children in a custody case and this is what separates her most other local attorneys. Recently my x had my son arrested because they were not getting along. I called Dawn at 9 p.m. asking for her advice. The next morning Dawn called me and stayed on the phone with me until I could get my son out of kiddy jail. Since the arrest my x has once again filed for child custody, etc. Dawn and her staff will be by my side once again as we go to court. I am posting this anonymously because my case is still current.


True Professional

Posted by Daniel
June 9, 2015

Dawn helped me through a complicated case and never stopped fighting till it was handled. She still follows up with me to make sure all is well. You cant ask for a better lawyer to be on your side.

The Best Attorney for Your Family Court Case

Posted by Nicole

November 16, 2014

Dawn Lozano helped to protect our family when we were going through the family court system. She fought for my husband and the safety of his children when his ex was trying to take away his rights under false allegations. Dawn & her whole team worked tirelessly on our case, which stretched over 2 years because of my husband's ex. She showed up on time to every hearing & knew our case inside & out. She educated us, answered our (endless) questions, & truly saved our family. She's professional & knows the law inside & out. I want her on our side for anything we ever face. She is worth every penny.

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